Power In a Half Hour

** REPLAY ** Billion Is The New Million... *** Episode 40 of Coach Mark’s Power In A Half Hour!!!*** This is a free call with NO SELLING, NO PROMOTING ANY PRODUCT, BUSINESS, OR SERVICE, Just Coach Mark sharing the success secrets that have helped him to retire successfully before the age of 40.**** Just a few years ago it was very rare for a business person to become a Millionaire in less than 10 or 20 years. We live in a time now where record numbers of people aren't just becoming Millionaires, but more and more new entrepreneurs are becoming Billionaires, in less than a few years. You can never become a Billionaire by having Million dollar goals. You may not necesarilly want to become a Billionaire, but why not stretch your goals bigger than you've ever imagined. You just may mess around and hit your target. Stretch yourself beyond what you thought were your limits *** Listen to the replay at www.powerhh.com or www.bit.ly/power071315 or Call 857-957-1625 or subscribe to the podcast in the iTunes store http://bitly.com/phhitunes

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