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Life is about creating Yourself and constantly Reinventing Yourself. We are either growing or dying, Re-invention = Change. Just because, you may currently be a certain way, or only have certain skills, doesn't mean that you cannot change. We can at anytime become a new person or the person that we've always wanted to be. This week, we will learn how we can reinvent ourselves. We can become the person that we've always wanted to become.

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What is E.G.O.? It is your false self. You are not the same as your E.G.O. You are not your thoughts, your identity, or your life story. Our E.G.O. is the part of our personality that loves manufacturing 'less than' experiences. Our E.G.O. feeds on fear, doubt and pain. This week we will learn how to dissolve the E.G.O. that is holding us back.

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2015 is not over. We are determined to finish this year strong. This week we are going to go over some goal setting techniques to finish out this year with a bang. This is also the 1 year anniversary of Power In A Half Hour. We will celebrate the success of our listening family as well as discuss our goals for the final quarter of this year. 

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 It was Pablo Picasso that once said, I am always doing that which I cannot do that I may learn it. What I want you to know is that there is nothing you cannot do as long as you believe that you can, and you act. Becoming successful in life isn't always easy. Actually, most times it can be very hard depending on the level of success you are trying to attain, but you have to always believe its possible, because it is. This week we will learn a few strategies to help you along your journey when it starts to get a little rough. Always remember. You can make it. You can become successful. YES YOU CAN!!! 

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Episode 50: Think Like The Rich

The biggest difference between the Rich & Successful & the Rest of the population is in how they think, & what they believe about themselves and whats possible for themselves... Many of us grew up around unsuccessful people, so we have many unsuccessful thoughts. The people we grew up around didn't purposely mean to teach us unsuccess traits, but a short order cook can never teach you how to become a gourmet chef. If you want to become successful, you have to start thinking like successful people. This week we learn how.

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Why re-invent the wheel if you don't have to. One of the greatest lessons that i've learned is that if you want to be successful, just do what other successful people do. This week, we go over the advice of the most successful people on the planet that have lived over the last 150 years. Although we may not personally know them, we can tap into their wisdom by studying them. 

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Challenging Obstacles Are What Makes Life More Interesting. Overcoming them is what makes it meaningful. If you are going to do anything worthwhile in life, you will have obstacles, but you don't have to let obstacles have you. This week, we will learn some techniques that will help us to overcome some of life toughest obstacles. Even the really tough ones because the greater the obstacle, the more glory that comes from overcoming it. 

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Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you. In life, we are going to have haters. Most of the time, the people hating on you really hate themselves. Although we know this, it can get difficult dealing with these critics. This week we will learn some strategies to dealing with these haters and how to make our haters become our motivators. Remember, when they hate on you, its because you have something they want.

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Do you think that life is supposed to get easier as you get older? Nope. It just doesn't work like that. But guess what? You get better as you get wiser. We either learn to play the game of life, or we get played by the game of life. Once you learned to master something, it hasn't gotten easier, you just got better. Remember, It doesn't get easier, you just keep getting better.

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Episode 45: No Risk - No Reward!

Your biggest risk is the one you don't take. In order to live the ultimate life, we must take risk. Whats holding you back from taking risk? This week we will learn some strategies that will move you past the fear of taking risk. Come learn how to take smart risk. 

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