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Keep Moving Forward.. You've come to far to stop. Your almost to your Goals. The Journey to our goals, dreams, and desires can get rough, but we can't stop. We have to Keep Moving Forward. What do leaders do when they need motivating? Even the motivators need motivating. Learn the strategies to get you out of that slump when you need some motivation.

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You hear Coach Mark every week on Power In A Half Hour, now its time to hear his own personal story. Come listen as the tables get turned for one week and instead of Coach Mark doing the interviewing, Coach Mark gets interviewed as his shares his struggles, setback and eventual successes. This is a story that you dont want to miss. 

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Don't Quit, Just Do It!! Don't Quit, Just Do It!! Do You Remember That Guy Who Quit?? Nope... Neither Does Anyone Else.. More Important Than The Amount Of Talent That You Have Is The Amount of Perseverance That You Have... Perseverance And Consistency Not Only beats Talent & Money Any day, It Kills It Every Day.. Staying Consistent Turns "If It Will Happen" to "When It Happens".... If You Want To Know How To Build Up Your Consistency & persistency, Come Learn Exactly How…

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How The Game Is Won --- Brand new interview series where Coach Mark interviews the most successful entrepreneurs and gets them to share their secrets to success. Custom Clothing Designer, Manolo Prado share how he turned a $25 investment into $10,000 in 22 minutes and $300,000 in a few months. His story is absolutely amazing. 

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You Have A Business In You.... This Is The Year Of Action.. Learn How To Fulfill Your Passion And Start That Business You Always Wanted To Start... Coach Mark's Power In A Half Hour Episode 28 - THE BUSINESS OF YOU!!! Do you think it takes tons of money to start a business?? No.. Lets Learn From Those That Have Started Million Dollar Business With Less Than What We Would Spend On A Night Out. It just takes your Creativity, Passion, & some Action.... If You Want To Know How, Come Find Out Exactly How…

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Life Changes When You Change… Life Doesn’t Have To Continue To Be A Drag.. Is It Time For A Change? — Coach Mark’s Power In A Half Hour!!! Monday, April 13th, 2015 @ 9pm EST, When You Feel Stuck & Down & Out, The Most Comforting Thing To Know Is That You Can Change. Not Next Month, Or Next Year.. But Right Now… You Hold The Power To Instantly Make your Life Better Right Now..  Come Find Out Exactly How… 

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Success doesn’t come by Accident.. Success comes on Purpose!!  Success comes from doing the right things, at the right time consistently. 
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Hello… I Am A Genius!!! Come Learn how to "Discover Your Genius” - If no one has ever told you, let me be the first to tell you that you are a GENIUS. We are all born Geniuses, life just has a way of just de-geniusing us. Its time for us to reclaim our inner Genius. Come learn how.

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You Eat Your Problems For Breakfast Because You Are “TOUGHER THAN NAILS” !!! —  Learn how to shake off your problems and have the tenacity to make it thru all difficult situations. Do you want to develop Rock Solid Mental Toughness? 

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It’s Time To Say Goodbye!!! —  We are Building Our Confidence, So we gotta get rid of excess baggage….  Negative Thoughts - GOODBYE!!! Bad Habits - GOODBYE!!! False Stories We Believe About Ourselves - GOODBYE!! and Negative People - GOODBYE TWICE!!! They don’t have to go home, but they have to get out of your head and out of our lives… 

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