Power In a Half Hour

Power in A Half Hour Replay - Episode 12 - Deciding To Win!!!

Are you Interested or Committed? Learn the difference between being Comitted & being Interested & Commit to making a decision to win. 

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Just as important as creating new habits is breaking old bad habits. On this weeks call I will share with you 10 things that we must never do again to achieve success. 

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On the call, we will learn How to go from being wounded to a Victorious Warrior. Most of us have gone thru pain, and we allow that pain to keep us stuck. We will learn some techniques to help us get over that pain.

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On this episode we will learn why your why is so important to you being happy, successful, & living a fulfilled life. We will also share 2 techniques that will absolutely help you to acheive your Goals. 

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In This episode, we learn that the easiest way to predict the future is to actually create it. 

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