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We are what we repeatedly do.The biggest difference between those that are really successful and those that aren't, are their habits. This week we will learn the habits of the super successful, and the ones of those that are not quite successful that we. We will also learn some more of the habits that we need to implement this year to bring about massive change.

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The most important step that you will ever take is the first. You can't win a race if you never start. All you have to do is START, even if you don't know every step that you need to take. You have to trust that the right path will be revealed to you once you get in MOTION!! This week we will learn some techniques the will help us to just get started.. We will also learn some more of the habits that we need to implement this year to bring about massive change. This is a can't miss show.

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This is the first show of 2016, and we are going to start this year the right way!!! No more mediocre!! No more Average!! No more just getting by, we are going to Become Great this year. Actually, not just become Great, but Become Greater!! We are going to start this year studying true GREATNESS!! We are going to study & learn what the Greats do, so we can implement these activities into our lives... We will also learn some of the habits that we need to implement this year to bring about massive change. If nothing changes, NOTHING CHANGES!!

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This is the last show of 2015, and we are going to leave this year with a bang!! As we close out 2015, and step into 2016, lets become determined to make this our best year ever. In order to reach our goals, we must first have & set goals. This week, we will go over some goal setting techniques and we will discuss some of the things we need to do to make this our best year ever. This New Year won't be like all those of the past, because you are creating a New You!!!

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The Biggest challenge that most people have is acquiring and keeping money. The easiest thing about money is losing it. This week, we will learn the laws of money so we can be a master of money, and not have it master us....

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This is your life, and its ending 1 minute at a time. You have no time to waste because it's your time to Shine. This is going to be your year. You are going to do some amazing things this year. Come find out exactly how...

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I will be discussing LOVE. I will talk about the Laws of LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS. Yes, there are laws to how LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS work, just like there are laws to how this world works. If you ever been in a relationship and wondered why it did or didn't work, you must listen. If you are or have ever been married, you must listen. If you ever plan to be married, you must listen. If you plan to be by yourself for the rest of your life, you can take this week off. LOL. Everybody else should listen.

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** REPLAY ** Get Your Future Started!!*** Episode 60 of Coach Mark’s Power In A Half Hour!!! This is a free call with Coach Mark sharing the success secrets that are used by the rich & successful. The time to start your future is now. First, you must leave the past in the past. The only thing you need from the past is the lessons that you've learned. If you knew how bright your future was, you would be ready to get started today. This week, we will learn some techniques to ensure that your future is as bright as the sun. Your best days are yet to come. Are you ready? Sure you are!!! Listen to the replay at http://bit.ly/1HzZO30 or www.bit.ly/power113015 or Call 857-957-1625 or subscribe to the podcast in the iTunes store http://bitly.com/piahhitunes

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So what are you waiting on? The time for your success is right now!! The time to accomplish your deepest desires are right now!! This week we will look at some of the ways that we procrastinate, and learn some techniques that will help us to not procrastinate and seize every moment...

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Do or Do Not, There is no TRY!!!. - YODA !!! When we say that we are going to Try at something, we leave the option for us to not follow thru or not be successful. Lets stop trying at things and start DOING!!

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